I started working with Sal at the end of Dec 2019. I was helping her husband Andy ('rhino man') prepare for the London marathon and she thought I might be able to help her lose a few pounds that had crept on over the last couple of years and rehabilitate a cruciate ligament injury she had recently sustained after a collision with their enthusiastic puppy dog, Chewy. She also wanted to strengthen her shoulder following an old injury that had required surgery.

Sal had a good level of fitness from regular yoga/pilates/boot camp and dog walking, but she wanted to increase her strength and functional fitness with a goal of getting her to a point where she could run pain free, feel fitter and not be hindered by shoulder pain.

Sal and Chewy after trying out the online Friday strength training class

Sal before... she says she (surprisingly) doesn't have any unflattering bikini shots from before her fitness journey!

Sal at goal weight... and super strong!

We went through lifestyle and diet questionnaires so I could see where simple changes could be made to help Sal lose 7lbs without feeling she was making any sacrifices. While her BMI was in the healthy range, her goal of changing her body composition by losing fat and gaining a little muscle was perfectly valid. I worked out calories and macronutrients needed to lose weight at a rate of 0.5lbs per week and gave her advice for how to track these online, and little changes that could be made to help her succeed. 


Sal completes her 10th personal training session online due to coronavirus

After 10 bespoke personal training sessions (the last of which was online due to coronavirus), Sal is thrilled to have reached her target weight in addition to losing 5cm from her hips, 4cm from her waist and a whopping 6cm from her thigh! 

Sal says:

I definitely feel a lot fitter and stronger. I am now happy with my weight and my knee is much better. I wanted to increase my upper body strength to stabilise my old shoulder injury, which is something I definitely feel we have achieved. I don't think I'm cooked yet though- I don't want to lose more weight but would like to tone up more! Lots more scope... 

Now that we have established a good baseline of strength and endurance, the next goal is to work in the hypertrophic weight and rep range to build a little more muscle. Watch this space!