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Bex's road to competition: two weeks in...

Bex is now 2 weeks into her nutrition journey with Give Me Strength. In her first vlog, she discusses how she is finding her "new normal":

Bex writes:

It’s been nearly two weeks into Jenny’s plan and I’m feeling strong and energetic! The first few days were a bit hard and I was worried that I would be hungry. But I text Jenny telling her my tummy was rumbly, she gave me a top tip to curb it for the evening, and reassured me that my body was just adjusting to not over-eating, with a view to revise the calories in a few days if we needed.

Sure enough, my body very quickly adjusted and I feel like I’m well into my new normal now! The plan Jenny has given is fitting so slickly into my life – I’ve had social events and been round to people’s houses, and whilst I felt nervous about ‘falling off the wagon’, I’m learning that there are always choices and they are always mine to make. As such, I’ve enjoyed all my social events as normal without feeling like I’ve missed out or had to restrict anything, but also feeling like I did make good choices. I can really see this becoming a plan that lasts for life, not just a diet to get me to the next competition.

Jenny is so easy to contact and always responds, she checks in on me enough that I feel she’s looking out for me, but not so much I feel watched!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure there will still be plenty of temptations to come and other things that throw me off a good routine, but I’m already feeling confident that I can remain making considered choices throughout. Practice makes permanent as they say!

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