Pip started training with me in August 2019 to address long-standing shoulder pain and to improve her general fitness levels. We had 10 personal training sessions initially to strengthen her middle back muscles, address postural issues and re-train her over-active upper trapezius muscle.


Pip eventually wanted to join my Friday strength training class in Shipham knowing that she could perform all exercises with good form and without aggravating her shoulder. She has continued with the class online since the coronavirus pandemic struck and always gives 100%! 


Pip says:

I started working with Jenny in August 2019. I had been having issues with shoulder pain, which was affecting me at work and in my personal life. I didn’t really do any exercise at the time, apart from walking the dog and was aware that my strength had massively dropped off since I had stopped horse riding 2 years earlier. 


I was seeing a physio weekly for my shoulder, but felt I wasn’t getting the best from it as I was finding it hard to fit in the daily exercise plan given to me, but I also felt I needed to have someone checking my form, to make sure I wasn’t doing more damage than good.


Jenny has a background in science and anatomy which complements her teaching perfectly, she knows how exercises work and how they need to be carried out to avoid injury. She is also a great motivator, inspiring teacher and general lovely person. I have lost 5 kg, since training with Jenny every week and am so much stronger, healthier and happier. I didn’t go into this to lose weight, it’s a bonus, but the most amazing thing is that my shoulders are stronger, and my shoulder pain has stopped! I can’t recommend her enough.

Summer 2019 

April 2020


Pip was quite self-conscious so doesn't have many photos from before she started working with me, but there is no doubt looking at the amazing washboard abs she now sports that her consistent training has been been hugely rewarded!


Shipham strength training class sweaty selfie. Dec 2019