Courtney is an amazing young woman. She has struggled with her weight over the years, but before I met her she had managed to lose over two stones through walking everywhere. However she was not happy with how she looked and felt about herself, and struggled with her self esteem and confidence. She reminded me a lot of my younger self.


We started working together in September 2018 with weekly personal training sessions. We worked through the couch to 5K programme in addition to strength training, which Courtney really threw herself into- she can throw a 15kg sandbag around like it is nothing! We had a couple of set-backs along the way with knee injuries (due to a horse-related accident), but we modified the training sessions to allow her to continue her strength journey, rehabilitate her injury and also work on her hypermobility.

We began to focus more on strength and conditioning in our sessions, as Courtney now had the confidence to run on her own on other days of the week, and has even been to the running club a few times- amazing! I was so proud to see her finish her first Parkrun, which she smashed in under 28 minutes on the windiest Parkrun I have ever done. It is a privilege to be part of Courtney's journey to becoming a stronger, happier and more confident version of herself.