Michelle started coming to my group fitness class for runners in July 2019 and has attended all but 3 sessions since! She puts 100% effort into every session and has made huge progress with her strength and form. This has seen her get over a long-standing injury that had been restricting her running, and smash her 5K PB as well! 

Bristol Half Marathon 2019Michelle.JPG

Michelle writes:


I initially just signed up to a block of six group Strength and Conditioning for Runners sessions but, as soon as those finished, I signed up for another block straightaway as I was enjoying them so much!


I had not used weights before but Jenny took us step-by-step through the different techniques and is very attentive during the activities to make sure we have the correct posture to get the most out of the activities and avoid injury.  She is also mindful of our abilities and offers variations on the different activities, which is brilliant and makes it still feel worthwhile when my body refuses to do even the basic version of an exercise!  I am also amazed that, eight sessions in, most – if not all – of the activities each week are still new!


I have seen a definite improvement in my running as a result of these sessions too, by learning new stretches which helped to clear a pre-existing injury then smashing my Parkrun personal best time and having the confidence to enter and complete my first half-marathon – thank you Jenny!